Instructional Photo Tours - Photo tours are designed for intermediate level photographers with the desire to improve their skills beyond the basics while exploring nature. The main focus will include developing a comprehensive understanding of image creation. We will focus on sound technical and creative aspects to allow for the consistent creation of successful and beautiful images.

Specific areas of discussion will include but not limited to the following:

  • Equipment - cameras, lenses, tripods, reflectors, diffusers, extension tubes, filters, and best use practices for each.
  • Lens selection and their various uses.
  • Camera functions and their creative use in regard to aperture, shutter speed, and ISO.
  • Composition and lighting techniques for realistic and abstract images.
  • Shutter speed, depth of field, background, and selective focus techniques, natural light, and water reflections.

The overall the goal will be to learn and have fun! Photography is a true art form and a lifelong process of exploration and learning. 

Group Size: - We limit tour group sizes to 5-7 participants to allow for individual instruction during the tour.

Vince did a great job of organizing the West Virginia instructional tour and picking great places to photograph! It’s very difficult to satisfy 10 different photographers and keep them all happy. I enjoyed it and learned some new things as well as made some new friends. Thanks!”
— Robert- Columbus, OH